Network Optimization

Get a complete analysis of your supply network

Get a complete picture – down to the last detail

Get a complete picture of the ideal structure within your business, financially and logistically.
We can carry out an in-depth analysis of your supply network in six to twelve weeks.

What will an analysis of your supply network tell you?
• How does your network look today and how is it performing?
• How can you improve the lead times and level of service for your customers?
• What costs are generated in the supply chain?
• What products have to be manufactured and stored at the various locations?
• What costs can be reduced by centralising or decentralising your distribution process and how will this impact your level of service?

Is lead time your most important competitive parameter?
How does lead time affect your sales? Is it a significant competitive parameter measured in hours? Or will your customers still buy your products even if you deliver a day later?
It is relevant for a supply-network analysis to answer all these questions. We help you to ask relevant questions and get the right answers.

Visualise your network structure
We use common sense and simulation applications to provide a meaningful visual presentation of present and future scenarios. Read more here »

At the end of the project, you will have a number of possible future scenarios that are fully assessed in terms of finances and logistics.
After this, we can assist you further in the process to implement any decisions.