Implementing New Facilities

We know what works

When you are about to establish a new facility, you want to be sure that what you get actually works. 
At the conclusion of a consultancy project, we usually recommend a process, system or outright facility based on the motto “we know what works” – and we also offer to make it work in practice.
Frequently, the solution we recommend combines transport, handling and storage-layout equipment with management tools and automated handling systems, robots, machinery, etc.

What do typical solutions entail? (expand)
• Picking and packing systems
• Palletising systems
• Automated storage systems
• WMS implementations
• Assembly lines
• Roller-conveyor systems
• Internal transport systems

All the way round
Regardless of whether the solution is fully or partly automated, we draw up and send a detailed tender specification to relevant suppliers.

By automated systems, we mean that we offer to implement and establish the recommended solution, i.e. to carry out the actual physical installation.

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We have implemented new logistics systems for a wide range of customers, including: Danfoss Solar Inverters, Dinex A/S and GT Glasfiber A/S.