Calls for Tenders and Specifications of Requirements

May the best team win

Before you initiate a public procedure, it is essential that you have the specification of requirements and the tender documents firmly in hand.
We design both specifications of requirements and tender documents and take part in supplier-selection processes, even if we did not draw up the analysis.

Specifications of requirements and calls for tenders
We can draft an outright specification of requirements based on the given prerequisites or according to our own analyses. 
The specification of requirements becomes the basis for drawing up the tender documents which are dispatched to the chosen suppliers, whom we can also help you to select.

For contract negotiations, the legal and contractual aspects are managed by the customer and the supplier selected, with consultancy provided by us.

Benefits of involving us in calls for tender (expand)
Why use Langebæk to manage calls for tender?

• You get the best possible equipment at the best possible price.
• You get thirty years of relevant expertise.
• You get technical specifications which take account of the critical points.
• The decision-making basis is thoroughly tested and based on thorough analysis.
• Official and technical requirements are complied with.
• You receive uniform, comparable tenders from the suppliers.
• You avoid misunderstandings.

We are independent of suppliers, which means we are completely impartial during the selection process.