Collaboration with Our Customer

Let’s generate results together

When you do business with us, you are not just our customer, you are our partner. Because we believe that only through close collaboration can we create the desired results.
We can enter into the process as project manager or as an active member of your project organisation.
Collaboration is based on providing services according to:

• a fixed, predetermined hourly rate
• a financial framework 
• a design/build contract.

We are flexible in terms of our mode of operation and settlement. This means that you can draw on the combination of our services and expertise that best suits you.

Thoroughly tested model 
The implementation of simple or complex facilities requires keen focus from start to finish and has a number of pitfalls. We know and respect the potential risks associated with this type of project, because we have implemented a wide range of facilities and because we have a strong, thoroughly tested project model.

Types of projects 
We usually work with you, our customer, as an active member of your project organisation: you are responsible for purchasing from a systems integrator or from different suppliers in trade contracts. We are responsible for quality assurance, coaching and specialist consultancy throughout the process.

We have wide-ranging experience in completing and implementing the solutions we recommend, all the way down to casting the last concrete anchor in the floor.