Master Data: Weight and Volume

Have you weighed your inventory?

It is impossible to run an efficient supply chain that maximises the use of space and equipment, if you are unfamiliar with the master data of your goods, such as weight and volume.
You can either obtain this data from your supplier or let us help you to record, weigh and measure.

This data will enable your business to improve and become more efficient in a wide variety of areas.

Knowing your master data helps you: 
• Improve your picking-and-packing routines
• Improve and streamline your goods processing at the storage facility
• Reduce picking errors
• Choose the right technology for your storage facility
• Vastly improve the utilisation of your storage area
• Improve the accuracy of freight bills
• Optimise transport and packaging.

Can’t get the master data you need from your supplier?

Get control of your master data
We can help you to define the specific master data in your storage facility.
We identify potential savings and set up action plans for achieving them. The tool combines the use of our know-how and can include a volume scanner (Cubiscan) for collecting and recording specific data.
If you want to perform the measurement yourself, we also offer to hire out a volume scanner, including instructions on how to use it.

In a highly complex supply chain, it is important to realise that the combination of the efficient interaction of equipment, ERP systems and skilled staff is what creates the most viable solutions. Having detailed knowledge of weight and volume enables you to optimise the use of your storage space in transit, in shops, etc.
In relation to your flow of goods, you improve the placement of the goods and reduce duplicate handling and picking errors.