Implementation and Project Management

From strategy to reality

How the strategy looks on your desk is one thing. How you actually put it into practice is something else entirely.
This is why our services include more than just consultancy, strategy and conceptual development; we also implement logistics solutions so you can rest assured that you will actually get the same result that you were presented with on your desk.

Regardless of the type of logistics solution, implementation is always a comprehensive, complex and resource-intensive task which we help you to navigate safely through.

We contribute services such as:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Design work
  • Preparation of specification of requirements and tender documents
  • Selection of suppliers and contract negotiations
  • Supervision, follow-up and financial management
  • Handover ceremonies.
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Running in
  • Systems integration
  • Supervision
  • Testing
  • Roll-out of IT solutions
  • Handover, follow-up and performance measurement.
  • Staff involvement
  • Motivation and training of key staff
  • Process specifications and management reporting
  • Change management